My School Life
BCSIRI went to school, in 1987. BCSIR, Science Laboratory was the school. I was in Play-Group. We had to do assembly, sorting ascending with height. I used to be very short at those times, and I was the 2nd shortest boy in the class. So I was standing 2nd in the queue. The first boy's name was Abdul.

BCSIR --> Not such an Extraordinary school ... but one thing it had, which I never seen anywhere else and which I will miss alwayz and that is, the behaviours, the intimacy of the teachers and madams. They treated us NOT like students, but like their children. The connection we had with them was totally of the mind and nothing of a 'teacher-student' professional relation. I will be forever grateful to them for giving me such a fantastic childhood. It was a small school ...or atleast was small at that time. We had Tin-Shade classes, small classes. Everyday morning I used to wake up at 6:20 and reached school by 7:10. I had some friends, good friends, buddies, Mishu, Sakib, Mustafiz, Sumon .... Old memories, Old friends, God knows where are they all now. I miss them ... a lot.

We had 3 small play-grounds / fields. One was visible when you enter the school, one is with the innner buildings and one in a corner of the area. In class 1 and 2, we played in the 1st field, then when our class was shifted to the inner buildings, we played in the 2nd one.

The whole area, was like a dream. You cannot believe a school in Dhaka has such a dreamy environment. The school was in the heart of the area and the whole area was like a flora. In the morning, when the golden sun hit those trees and the tin-shade small school, and the walls and the roads ..Ohhhh .. it was soooo excellent, so amazing, i still see those mornings in my dreams, and I beg to God for ONE more day as a child, in that school ... with those memories to come to life again.

My mom used to pick me up everyday when the class was over. Once she was late and I didn't know what to do. Although I was ordered NOT to leave the school compound, but I couldnt stop myself from travelling around the place. So me and my buddies, left the compound and walked a bit, found a fantastic place under a tree, and near a field, covered with small grasses. It was .... A WONDERFUL feeling that day. We torn up papers from our school copies and made Paper Planes. Ahh ... those were the golden days of my life ... no tension, no complexity, no pain, no sorrow, only the Feel to know the world a bit more everyday, to feel the taste of adventure .. to discover life and its aspects...

When I got in class 4, i left that school. I missed it so much ... I always came back to visit my friends, my teachers, my school ... where I spent 3 of my BEST years of life.

G-LabIn February, 1991, I was admitted in Government Laboratoey High School, in Class IV. It took me a while to adjust in a new place, with a whole new circle. But I got over with it soon.

This was some school .. and we had some life there. Its not related with affections or love, but .. it had some other things, Like FUN, being naughty, adventure, games, rush, sir der bet er bari ..ALL those things that a bangali teenager can dream of .. we did it all. I had the fun of my lifetime in this school.

Ahh .. sweet school .... i dont even remember, how many times we have been chased after by the teachers for playing cricket in the class with broken wooden piece of chairs ... lolz .. bet er bari je kotobar kheyechi ... jodio ami tamon akta khai ni, tarporeo ja kheyechi akdom kom noe... shob kichui miss kori .. miss it all.

After class, we, 12~14 frnds used to go for tution to a teacher's house .. and it was another kinda fun. Sir went crazy, with the noise we used to make in his room.

Talking about noise, there was some teachers, in whose class we used to make the class a fish market. It was sooo noisy. Some of the student used to make "hissss-hissss" sound, just to annoy the teacher and push him to the limit. Sometimes the whole class was punished for it ... lol

G-Lab Who can forget our "Dhormo-Teachers" ? They were the ones who always used to carry a "bet" with them. And Arbi!! man.... kishob je memorise korte hoto... and na parle thash thash bari.. but they were good in heart. They really loved us though. When i think of their faces now, feel like rushing to them right away ....

Memories, It's all about memories. Can't recall all the fun we had there. Maybe because life was so simple, maybe because we were so simple as a child. Cricket, Freesbees, playing football in the veranda with a tennis ball, all those dives to make my shirt dirty; all those catch-misses - what not ! How many days I wished to get those life back. Ooh, what I woudn't give to relive those days ! My Dad always used to say, time will pass, these childhood, these fun would leave me one day. Always used to say - There are more to come. But standing here today, I don't see anymore to come - passed them all - school, college, uni. Fun is still there, but nothing like those good old days ..

I Wish that I could turn back the clock
Bring the wheels of time to a Stop
Back to the Days
When Life was so Much Good

G-LabI Remember the day I got my SSC result. At our times, it was a very big deal in the family - someone giving SSC exam. All the relatives used to visit and give something to "buy some choclate". Getting the result was also a huge deal. All of us gathered in the field - waiting for the result - waiting for our next destiny - path to college, path to persue our dreams.

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