My University Life
Civil Engineering BuildingNo words are enough to describe this life of mine .. no writing space is enough to express my experience in this phase of my life. Love, Sorrow, Depression, Achievement, Friendship, Betray, Hate, Kindness - name one virtue and I've seen it all..

Yes, I was a student of BUET. Those who are not from BUET and to those who, even after being a Buetian have lived a life of an *Atel* should know - BUET is NOT only a place where guys with thick glasses and books in their hands roam around. Maybe those are the guys that attract your eyes when you think about BUET - but let me tell you, BUET consists of all kinds of guys; guys that are more modern than any of ur *so called modern* universities, guyes that are more flirty than any of your "playboy" type of guys, guys that are more FUN than any of those filthy rich party type guys and guys that are more matured than any of you out there.

I was in civil engineering department. At first I wasn't at all happy about it - being a computer guy, I didn't want to study there. But that's another story. Our department had total 180 students in 3 sections. I was in section A. The first two years of my life was bit dull - depressed with many things in life. Then I had some wonderful friends. Believe it or not - Pain brought us together. The times when 3 of us were in serious heartache, are the times when we had most fun out of life.

I remember - my mother used to say "Buet e porashona, shara din raat, hostel e theke porte hoe .." and many more. But, I still don't get it why pplz say things like that. I never lived in hostel, hardly studied, bunked classes more frequently then anything, Didn't care what teachers were teaching - and still i got out. Well, maybe not with the best result; but that is NOT because of less studying, but because of my zero devotion to my subject. I have friends, who even after doing all these are now assistant professor in BUET.

BUETTo tell about BUET, the first thing I want to say is to the students of private universities. I am really sorry to say this - but they will NEVER EVER KNOW what it feels to be in a UNIVERSITY, how it feels to have an ACTUAL CAMPUS, a REAL Cafeteria, a place so fantastically organized that it fills ur mind just to have the feeling that you BELONG here, to call it your OWN university. To those who have been in BUET - as a student or a visitor - one way or the other, won't disagree with me that it is a piece of a dream. Now that I know I am no more the PRESENT to it and it will remain only in my memory, my heart fills with excrutiating pain. Ooh ! What I wouldn't give to be a student there one more time, what I wouldn't sacrifice to get those time of my life back !

We used to have All kind of departmental functions - Civil Day, Mechanical Day, Electrical Day and so on. Being a student of civil, we used to organize civil day. These kind of stuffs always interest me. I started my first year by participating in Civil Day 2001. Every year with the entry of a new batch, these programs take place. In my first civil day, I acted in a Drama and a Funny news reading part. From the next year, I started doing more organizing parts - writing scripts, managing things and stuffs. The whole thing was fun - the mingling with different batches, an Extra Curriculam Activity beyond studies. Everyday after classes, the team members used to gather in a room and it was full of fun - reharsal, script writing, laughter, singing songs - ahh, I miss those moments.

The sessionals were a pain. Staying till 5:30, reports - we were being ravaged by those. Added with that were frequent quizes. Cheating, whispering, writing on benches - we did it all. Class - proxy was the most common thing. We had a gang and we always looked after each other. Whenever one of us [or many of us] were absent, others would give their proxy. This proxy was so popular, we started to bunk classes frequently. Situation than became like this - whole gang is sitting in the cafeteria - when a class was about to start we started talking about WHO would go to the class and give all our proxy. One was elected - he used to go to the class, give ALL our proxies and then at a convenient time, he too escaped from the class to join our party... Ahh, how I miss those memories.

BUET EntranceThe PLs [Preperatory Leave] were crazy. The 3 weeks break before final exam was ALL we had to study as we didn't study the whole semester at all [except for the type of guys whom OTHERS think of when they think of BUET and those who wanted to be lecturer]. We [our gang] had everything so perfectly on our side. Shusham had many cars from his dad's office which we used to go anywhere we wanned to, anytime we wanned to. Moni had these huge Banglo Houses which his father got from being IGP [Inspector General of Police], none of us had girl friends - so no time to give to anybody else, and finally, a common mindset. I, Asif, Shusham, Chandrima went to so many places along with some more outside friends of ours; The gang [except any ladies :P] stayed so many thrashed nights at Moni's, Went to Cox-Bazar and stayed in Seagull's Suit; had 31st together, played crickets in the cafeteria, stayed long after classes just to hangout with dear buddies; Spent a whole lot of time sitting in cafeteria with cards in our hands - you name it, we did it all. Now that I look back at that time, even as I am writing about those memories, it fills me with grief - knowing the harsh truth that they are all gone, that time will never come back, all the years in my life to go, I will have to live with the memories only....

Me Covered in PaintsThis picture was taken in our RAG programs - The "Rong Khela" day. Every year, the graduating batch has RAG-Day. A part of this includes Rong Khela. Loads and Loads of paints are bought, packed in bottles, belloons, holes were dug and filled with colors. And the fight begun. Throwing paints to ANYONE you get near you, smashing color bombs in the face, throwing jugs of colors at everyone, rubbing colors in the face - within minutes the whole area became a danger zone. Target students were picked up by 5/6 other students and thrown into the paint pool. Ooh, it was some Experience. Would you believe that, we had an EXAM at that time. With paints all over my face and body, pants and shoe wet in paint and water - we sat for the exam. Got D, but who gives a $hit - it was the fun of a lifetime. We had whole Batch Organized RAG-Day [like Civil Day, but whole batch] and I performed in one play. I was happy to make my friends laugh with my performance... Then came the rag party - a whole night party, we stayed in BUET the whole night. There was DJ, Dances, drinks and loads of fun. We went for a driving at 3:30 AM in Roni's Car - gone to Uttara and back just in 20 min. Ujjal gave his award winning performance in delivering dirty jokes with Rupam as the *pawn* and everyone was surrounding them. How can I ever forget those moments! It brings tears in my eyes to think of all the *Life* we had at that time and now all are gone .. So gone .. Long gone ..

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