Consumed in You || X
I look at your eyes and lose myself
The fragrance of your love
Touches the very soul of me
It glows, it dazzles and it purifies

I touch your lips and lose control
The innocence of your kiss
Pierces the very heart of me
It smites, it bites and spreads

I feel your heart and lose my sense
The purity of your soul
Redefines the very inside of me
It shines, it lights and it soothes

I hold your hand and lose my words
The wilderness of your nerves
Burns the very being of me
It grows, it takes, it consumes

I merge with you and lose my soul
The tranquility of your essence
It crumbles me, it Breaks me
It rebuilds me again
It burns me, it turns me
It bonds me in chain
It makes me whole, makes me pure
It confuses me, makes me sure
It loves me, it hugs me
And leaves me breathless ...

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