Addicted to You || X
You are an addiction that I can't stop
Like a drug that captivates me
Like a storm that ravages me
Like a flame that engulfs me
Consuming me to the depth of the heat

You are an addiction that I can't fight
Like a chain that enslaves me
Like a thorn that stings me ..
Like a tide that ransacks me ..
Sweeps me away from where I am to be ..

You are an addiction I don't want to lose
Like an obsession that consumes me
Like a dream that haunts me
Like a stampede that crushes me
Brings me down to my knees

You are an addiction that I can't tame
Like the fierceness that scares me
Like a flash that dazzles me
Like a landslide that subsides on me
Drags me down into your love ..

You are an addiction I won't stop
Through eternity, through captivity
Through positivity, through negativity
You are my addiction
You are my obsession
Let your heart touch me ...
Let your love devour me
And Let my love devour you ....
And entwine through eternity ..

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