Feelings of Love || X
Do U feel your heart
Lost in space ?

Does it make U happy
When U see her face ?

When she talks to U
Does ur heart beat ?

When she holds Ur hand
Can U feel the heat ?

Can u feel her breathe
That blows through ur ear ?

Does it drive U mad
When she's so far ?

Do u feel jealous when
she is with someone else ?

Do U start hating then
All other males ?

Do U feel lost
When She is not with U ?

Do U feel insane
And life not true ?

Do U ever feel a power
Inside Ur mind ?

When she is sweet to U
Tender and kind ?

Can climb the highest mountain
If only she smiles ?

Does the world seem meaningless
Everytime she cries ?

Do U wanna be a bird
And try to fly ?

Just for her
Cause she loves the sky ?

For her, Can U make changes
To ur usual life ?

Can U cut urself anytime
with a sharp knife ?

If So,
Then U should know

U r in love
Cause these r the feelings
Feelings of love

Love that never dies
Love that tries
To win her heart
By full of cries

Cause these r the feelings
Feelings of Love

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