Be Happy, My Love.. || X
I have seen a Rose grow and then
Die one day
I have seen the lonely birds fly away
I have seen the rainbows in the distant sky
I have seen many lonely lovers cry
I know the smile that shines on ur face
I know that I gave my heart into ur grace
I have felt love blooming inside my heart
I also seen it trumbling down like a dirt
I know I am alone and crazy missing you
I also know that my love is pure and true
I have seen faces .. growing pale and fade
I see the faces of U that my heart hv made
I felt how it feels when my heart was bend
I guess I was too crazy and arrogant
I had this dream I would have you one day
But only Dreams are Green and Life is gray
I miss you now and I'll always do
I only wish all the happines Just to You ..........

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