Days Go By.. || X
Day one, aint no fun
Without u, there's no sun

Day two, wat can i do
Waiting for u dear, i miss u

Day three, where is she
How can she live, without me ?

Day four, my heart's tore
I cant breath, life is a whore

Day five, my heart is hive
All my pain, starts to thrive

Day six, clock ticks
I'm confused, mind playing tricks

Day seven, love is a raven
It broke my heart, and took my heaven

Day eight, broken fate
I'm missing you lot, my soul-mate

Day nine, nothing's fine
I'm torn, r u still mine ?

Day ten, living in a den
I keep crying, now and then

Days go by, i still cry
Eyes r red, tears ran dry
You've gone without saying goodbye
I dont wanna live, dont wonna try
Life is Blue, Love is Sly

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