A Beautiful Dream.. || X
I was in a dream
A wonderful, beautiful dream..
With you by my side, holding hands
Your breathe on my shoulder..
My fingers running through your hair..
You were mine and I was yours
In every word, in every touch
With all the love and all so much
We ran wild, we flew free
Sailing our ships, just you and me
Sailing for an unknown shore

It was dreamy as all dreams are
I knew I would have to wake up
As dreams are not real ..
As reality is far from dreams
As reality is full of screams
As dreams can never be real
And I wake up on an empty bed
With no 'you' beside me
With a lost hope and broken heart
And a beautiful memory from the dream
Short lived it may be
Unreal it may be
But beautiful none the less
Atleast I held your hand
Touched your face
Tasted your lips ..
Short lived, but I was in my heaven

And I wake up with that memory
And I wake up to realize
You were never ever mine
And never will be
For it was just a dream
A beautiful but short lived dream
And I finally wake up
With sheets soaking wet ..
From these tears I try to hide .....

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